Virus Protection

Virus protection for your Network or single PC is becoming more important. The number of viruses (virii) that can affect you is growing at an incredible rate. The area with the most growth has been in the Macro virus arena. HiTech Innovations, Inc. can help you decide which of the many virus protection methods you need and help you put them in place to make your company protected from these data destroyers.

Macro viruses (virii) are created in applications that support a macro language. Examples are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These two applications happen to have a large market share and are targets of Macro virus writers, macro virus creation isn't limited to just these two applications though.

The Cost of Viruses in 1999, Viruses last year cost industry over $12 billion in virus eradication and productivity loss. Companies should closely examine their protection spending. 

Some of the major anti-virus software companies are: Symantec Computer produces Norton's AntiVirus software. McAfee or Network Associates Inc. produces the McAfee AntiVirus software. Command produces Command AntiVirus software. Ontrack now sells the Vet Anti-Virus software. for Sophos's Anti-Virus software. Trend Micro sells its ServerProtect Anti-Virus software. Computer Associates International has a product called InoculateIT. Sells an Anti-Virus software package from Iceland called F-Secure.
Most of the above companies have trial version of their software available for you to test and see how well it works in your environment. Novell NetWare and Microsoft Windows NT are the most common server platforms supported.

The federal government's CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) program provides useful databases of not only viruses, but also chain letters and hoaxes. They can be found at

Other interesting sites include the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse at The independent "Computer Virus Myths" site at The Sophos-maintained "The Virus Bulletin" at


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